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3 Benefits of an Incentive Travel Program for Employees

Many companies have effectively used a corporate travel program to improve their operations in some way. For example, an incentive travel program may be used to reward the most successful salesperson in your workforce with an exotic vacation. Many people dream of taking a relaxing vacation, and you can entice workers to do their best with the offer of a free trip. However, a free trip is not always the best incentive option to consider for employee motivation. There are specific instances when this type of rewards system should be used. Consider these factors before you move forward with implementing a rewards program.

When Minimal Goals Are Being Met
In some work environments, workers are only motivated to do the absolute minimum that will keep them from getting reprimanded or fired. In other environments, workers are not even complying with the minimal requirements you have set. If your workers fall into the latter category, you have a reason to reprimand or even terminate their employment. Such employees who fail to meet minimum standards are doing sub-par work and should not be rewarded with a trip. On the other hand, if employees are complying with minimum standards but are not motivated to do more, a trip may be an excellent way to improve employee motivation.

When Morale Is Low
Another reason to institute a corporate travel program is when morale is low. Some employees, for example, may see that managers and owners are driving expensive cars and wearing fancy clothes while the average workers are struggling to make ends meet. Such an environment can decrease morale quickly. Instituting a travel program in this type of environment may increase morale. However, you may also consider offering a financial bonus or other rewards program that may be more well-suited to meet your workers’ needs.

When the Cost is Justified
A final factor to consider is the cost of the program. Those who use these programs successfully typically have a specific goal for employees to meet, and this goal may drive revenue in some way. Essentially, the increase in revenue associated with meeting the goal will more than pay for the cost of the trip that is used as an incentive. You should ensure that the cost of the trip is justified, and if it is not, setting up a more affordable trip or even looking at lesser rewards may be in order.

Most people love to travel, and they can easily get excited about the possibility of winning a free trip to a beautiful destination. While travel is a great motivator for many business environments, it is not well-suited for all cases. Carefully review these points to ensure that a travel program is a good solution for your needs.