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Top 5 Restaurants in Gatlinburg

Amid the picturesque landscapes of ‘Smoky Mountains’ in Tennessee USA; the cabin rentals of several categories can be a pleasurable getaway for your family. The splendor of the Mountains will fill your hearts with inspiration and nature’s grandeur. Gatlinburg is a famous resort city in USA, Tennessee which is located at the foot of the ‘Smoky Mountains’ of the ‘Appalachians’.

Gatlinburg, smoky mountain

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Gatlinburg holds in its lap many an impressive and dazzling restaurants for the tourists to stay. To guide you in this respect, some of the restaurants/rentals are discussed below.

Pigeon Forte

Only 5 miles away from the ‘National park’ of Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forte is a leading tourist spot in the area. It is a spectacular city with many a cabin rental restaurants. The lush green surroundings of the ‘Spot’ along with the exquisite furnishings inside the rentals can offer you a fabulous vacation. With Dollywood at its discourse, this town can be a real charmer.

5 Restaurants

Jordan’s Village Creamery

The ‘Jordan’s Village Creamery’ is a spectacular rental to drop in which welcomes you with a host of food items and at proper prices. The fantastic restaurant has all the ingredients like the room service, friendly behavior, and fresh dishes to allure you.

Jordan’s Creamery

Jordan’s Village Creamery, Jordan’s Creamery
Jordan’s Village Creamery

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Donut Friar

If you want to enjoy the taste of doughnut while enjoying the beauty of ‘Smoky’ Donut Friar is the rental which will totally satisfy you. With an eclectic beverage and dessert dishes this cabin rental restaurant entices even the most passive ‘foodie’ person.

Donut Friar

gatlinburg, Donut Friar,foodie

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Buckhorn Inn

The Buckhorn Inn restaurant is an awesome rental place for a romantic couple to spend time with each other. The cozy, eco-friendly atmosphere of the stunning mountain city attracts people from all over the world and so the national park of the Smoky Mountains has become a tourist paradise. To drown in the glory of beauty, to seek pleasure in the snow of the ‘Smoky’ beside your better half can be fulfilled perfectly in this cabin rental facility.

Buckhorn Inn

Buckhorn Inn, Gatlinburg

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The Cherokee Grill

There are quite a few scintillating towns and cities in the surrounding areas of the ‘Smoky’ like the Cherokee, Townsend, and Pigeon Forte. The Cherokee town is a jaw-dropper in terms of sheer natural wealth of the place. So, to enjoy this marvelous town, a restaurant like the Cherokee Grill can offer you soothing time with their special seafood stocks and luscious steak pieces!

Cherokee Grill

The Cherokee Grill, Gatlinburg

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Calhoun Gatlinburg

This restaurant is one of the best known for the delicacy of ‘baby back ribs’. With fast turn outs of waiters the Calhoun makes you feel like home. Affordable and a family getaway can be the tags of this hospitable cabin rental.

Calhoun Gatlinburg

gatlinburg, Calhoun Gatlinburg

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The ‘National park’ of the Smoky Mountains has almost a 1500 variety of faunal resource and over 798 miles of hiking terrain! Along with all the natural treasures of Tennessee, Gatlinburg restaurants are the most suitable cabin rentals which will fill your senses with ‘delectation’!

Nothing can be more alluring than having a wholesome meal in the heart of the smoky mountains!

Author: Sunando Basu