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Top 10 Things to Do In New York City

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New York City is a place like no other. From the spectacular skyscrapers to the neon lights of Times Square, it’s constantly pulsing with life. This historic city has a rich menu of attractions on offer for visitors. These options make it all the more difficult to plan for a trip to New York. The list below offers the top 10 things to do in NYC.

  1. Statue of Liberty
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The Statue of Liberty is historic in two ways. It represents the first glimpse of America that millions of immigrants saw when approaching the shores of the country. This sense of wonder is also experienced today when visitors approach Liberty Island, where the Statue stands, from Battery Park.

  1. Visit the Grand Central Terminus
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Grand Central Terminus is the world’s largest and country’s busiest railway station. This terminus is also one of the most beautiful public spaces in the world. The main attraction of this site is its magnificence. It is best visited at a time when the flow of traffic is low.

  1. Attend Broadway Shows
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Broadway theaters are located in the area surrounding Times Square. These theaters host some of the biggest plays in the town as well as the continent. The theaters have something for everyone, and range from big budget musicals to stage debuts by Hollywood stars and starlets.

  1. Visit Brooklyn
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Brooklyn is considered the global cultural center. This borough of New York City is a cultural melting pot with food, art, and culture from across the world. It is the place to visit for anyone wanting to sample global culture.

  1. Ride the Staten Island Ferry
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The ferry to Staten Island carries 70,000 people daily. You should be one of them. The ferry ride is free to the island of Staten, and the views along the way are spectacular. From the ferry, you can see the Lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. The entire ride across the New York Harbor lasts 25 minutes.

  1. Visit Central Park
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This park has been described as an urbanized Eden. The southern section of the park stretches from the 52nd to the 72nd street. This is the place you need to be in the event that you need to exercise, picnic, reflect or just take in the lush greenery.

  1. Visit the American Museum of Natural History
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This is the largest natural museum in the world. It’s floor space spans four city blocks. It has 45 exhibition halls and holds in excess of 30 million artifacts from the sea, land, and air. This is a museum you must visit.

  1. Visit the Museum of Modern Art
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If you are an art enthusiast, you will be awestruck by the masterpieces that this museum holds. Picasso and Van Gogh’s works are hosted here. The architecture of the museum is also a sight to behold. You can roam the labyrinthine corridors for hours on end while enjoying the majesty of the building.

  1. Visit the Empire State Building
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The Empire State Building is the embodiment of New York. One can have amazing views of the city from the 86th floor deck or the 106th floor observatory.

  1. Visit Times Square
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A visit to New York is not complete without a visit to Times Square. Times Square is considered the most frenetic part of New York City. Expect to see flashing digital displays, live television broadcasts, and huge billboards. This is an area for those who do not mind experiencing a sensory overload.