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Top 10 Phone Applications Every Traveler Must Have

We all travel once in a while, whether for a vacation somewhere at the beach or for a business trip in a very busy city. The right application can save you the headache that comes with booking flights and hotels or getting around a new town. Here is a list of 10 applications that are recommended for every traveler;

  1. Expedia –This application makes it simple to book hotels and flights. It offers reasonable prices to different destinations and has detailed hotel reviews. It also has the option to choose cars, activities and transport within an area.


  1. Uber – Whether in a very busy city or in a remote area, uber helps you to request for a cab. It also helps avoid being overcharged by other cabs, especially if you are new to an area.


  1. Google Maps – This application provides you with a very detailed map of an area. You can get a timely estimate from your location to your destination if you choose to walk, use public transportation or take a cab. You can also use it to find out which restaurants, ATM’s, gas stations and many other places are near you.

  1. XE Currency – This is a currency converter that helps when you are hunting for deals. It also shows the economic trend and calculates amounts to your local currency. It monitors up to 10 currencies at once and is very reliable and accurate.
  1. Yelp – Everyone loves trying out new food when they are travelling to new places. This application helps you decide where you can go especially if you have a difficult time picking out places. It has restaurant reviews, shows where you can get deals, restaurants that are open now and many other functions.

  1. Hotel Tonight – This application helps you book hotels at the very last minute with lowered rates. Hotels post their vacant rooms for the night and have them booked at a cheaper price. It has categories to help you a hotel you will love.

  1. Rome2Rio – This application helps you get from point A to point B. It gives you a variety of ways to reach your destination by flight, ferry, bus, train and gives you driving options. It also has a time schedule and is linked to the booking site.


  1. Wi-Fi Map – If you are travelling and find yourself with no access to the internet this application will come in very handy. It has a database of Wi-Fi passwords all over the world and shows where all the hotspots are and the passwords to their networks.

  1. Google Translate – It helps you translate up to 103 languages, some can be accessed with no internet access. If travelling to a place where you don’t understand the language, this application will be very helpful.


  1. Google Photos – Everyone loves to take pictures when they travel after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. This application backs up your images and you are able to access them from your computer.