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How to Ship a Laptop Across the World Safely

Laptops are everywhere. In the classroom. In our workplaces. At home with us. We carry our laptops to wherever our journey takes us. Even with a heavy-duty casing, a laptop is still fragile and can be rendered unusable through bumps, spills, and drops.

If you need help on how to ship a laptop, we have some shipping tips available in this guide. We will teach you how to ship a laptop safely and ensure that you’re not overspending on shipping.

1. Select the Right Laptop Shipping Box

If you still have the original box from the manufacturer, this is the best box you can use to ship a laptop. That said, not everyone holds onto old boxes. If you don’t, try to find a reasonably sized box that looks like it gives the protection your laptop needs.

2. Try Double-Boxing for Added Protection

If it’s a very expensive laptop that you absolutely do not want to see damaged, try two boxes instead of one. Double-boxing involves using an outer box six inches wider than the internal one. Inflatable packaging or foam inserts can be used to fill the bottom of the outer box. With cushioning filling the outer box, this gives your laptop some extra padding to bounce against should there be a drop, bump, or collision.

3. Prepare Your Laptop for Shipping

Protect the power button from turning on by taping on a small patch of cardboard or using electrical tape to cover it. A thin layer of bubble wrap between the keyboard and screen can also protect the keys and screen while the laptop is closed. Wrap the shell with bubble wrap. Separately wrap any cables and other accessories in bubble wrap. Use cable ties to secure them.

4. Lithium Ion Battery Regulations

Lithium ion battery for electronic devices isolated on white

Lithium ion batteries are regulated in shipping. The rules change country-by-country. For electronics like laptops, shipping services generally will permit one lithium ion battery to be included in a laptop’s shipping. Speak with your shipper to find out if they have any specific requirements. You may have to indicate with a short note on the outside of the package that a lithium ion battery is packed inside.

5. Shipping Rates For A Laptop

Shipping rates for a laptop vary shipper by shipper. One has to weigh cost v. delivery time, additional service fees, and other options. Some companies may offer less expensive laptop shipping costs, however, might be unable to deliver the item within the time frame you require. Then, there are other companies that offer excellent small-scale shipping but which may charge more for tracking services and similar items.

6. How You Can Get Cheaper Laptop Shipping Rates

There are a lot of strategies you can use to get cheap shipping rates in Canada or anywhere around the world. Paying via online shipping can sometimes save a significant amount on your costs. Prepaid shipping works well if you’re going to be sending out multiple similar-weighted packages within the next six months.

Buying insurance from a third party can cut down on costs. There may be some professional association discounts that apply as well if you work for an organization that offers it.

7. Why You Always Want to Take Shipping Insurance on a Laptop

A laptop carries a lot of data that’s likely important to you – business info, images, downloads, documents, and more. Always take insurance, whether it’s from a third-party or direct from the shipper. This way, if anything happens to your laptop, you’re at least reimbursed for the cost.

Buying another laptop, you can get back to work right away instead of having to delay. To this point, back up everything before you ship your laptop. This way, you don’t lose your data either.

8. Use Shipping Cost Calculators

Every major laptop shipping company has a shipping cost calculator on their website. Use it. Provide them with your origin and delivery locations, the estimated shipping weight and dimensions, and they can provide an idea on what your shipping fee will be. Do keep in mind insurance, signature upon delivery, and advanced tracking may increase your costs.

9. Priority v. Express

If speed matters, you may not mind paying a little extra to get a faster delivery. If you’re looking for affordable laptop shipping rates, it doesn’t hurt to add on a few extra days to your laptop shipping journey. Costs add up quickly when you begin selecting shipping options like ‘Express’ and ‘Overnight’. It’s all in what you want to prioritize – delivery speed or affordability.

10. Shipping A Laptop Internationally

When you come to ship a laptop internationally, rules vary country by country. If it’s the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you’re required to fill out a NAFTA Certificate of Origin if your laptop exceeds a minimum value of $1,000. If your laptop is under $1,000, the documentation is less. Be sure to check the shipping rules for the country you are sending your laptop to and fill out the documents that are required. The last thing you want is your laptop to be denied entry.

11. Negotiate with Your Carrier

If you have a preferred carrier but find there’s a better rate elsewhere, negotiate a bit. If you’re shipping other things, you may be surprised at how good of a rate you can get simply by asking. Small businesses also have negotiating power. If you regularly ship packages, this can all help negotiate a better shipping fee for a laptop.