Best Places to Travel in Your 20s

The 20s are the fun years of everyone’s lives. This page is meant for nothing but exploring your inner wanderlust and to make memories that will last for an entire lifetime. If you’re wondering where to start this exciting journey, we are here to help you with a few suggestions of places you’d love to visit in your 20s!


Aaaaand, here we go!


1) Mumbai, India

If adventurous is what you are, then India is a place you’d enjoy visiting! A paradise for Foodies and a fantastic destination for thrill seekers, visiting the city of Mumbai in India is a delight for the eyes and a treat for the Soul.  Mumbai is a city that is dominated by its rich culture and its religious diversity, it is not a city but a Bollywood lit world in itself. We recommend you to visit India’s premier landmark, the India Gate and to sip a cup of Coffee at the luxury Taj hotel. You can also choose to sit at the seaside Marine Drive and have a moment of calm for yourself.  Mumbai is also a haven for Shoppers’, from Clothes to low priced gadgets and accessories, shopping in Mumbai is a totally worthwhile experience.



2) Amsterdam

A dreamy city that is known for its enormously large canals, bright hued houses, and delicious little eateries is every young traveler’s fantasy. Amsterdam happens to be one of the least pricey destinations of Europe, and it is known for its Calm surroundings and of course, beach parties. If you’re visiting Amsterdam, we would suggest you check out the man made beach of Blijburg. This artificially created beach is known for its fascinating array of beach activities including Swimming, Sunbathing and of course, partying! Amsterdam also serves some of the yummiest breakfast platters in the world. Whether you’re a Solo traveler searching for peace or an adrenaline Junkie, this place surely deserves attention!


3) Fiji

Fiji is the ultimate destination for party troopers and sun bathers alike. Situated in tranquil surroundings, Fiji is one of the most loved seaside destinations for globetrotters. After all, beach fun should never end!

Travelling on this beautiful island is a breeze. You can choose to hop on any of the Local buses, carriers, and ferries and pace around the town. Don’t forget to enjoy some sumptuous coconuts and fresh mangoes at the Nadi Municipal Market. Located in this city, is the Pacific Harbor beach, which has a large area of sun lit sands spread alongside blue hued waters. You will love to bathe in the clear waters of this island or even spend the day reading your favorite book while relaxing on the shacks.


4) New York

The most exciting destination of the world, the city of the Big Apple deserves to be on this list! A city which is built using so many cultures, people, and passions, New York is undeniably an urban paradise.

From feasting yourself to a slice of the New York Style Cheese Pizza to taking a long stroll in the West Village, New York is full of surprises. We’d highly recommend you to visit the world renowned Statue of Liberty which is not just a sculpture but a trademark of the United States in itself. Finding a place to stay in New York can be a little expensive, but it’s surely worth your while!



So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and fly away!