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6 Best Mobile Apps For Frequent Travelers

Traveling can be a lot of fun as long as things go smoothly. Hectic trips don’t exactly allow a vacation to become relaxing.

Business travelers, in particular, want their trips to go without any hangups or hassles.

One way to make traveling easier is to tap on those one or two apps perfect for the weary traveler. Actually, there are a lot more awesome phone apps than just one or two.

Six, in particular, stand out quite nicely.

1. Google Maps


Without a doubt, this may be the most important app of all. When you travel to a strange town or country, you don’t want to run the risk of getting lost.

Tapping on the Google Maps app and typing in an address provides you with a GPS guide to your destination. Whether walking or driving, Google Maps provides a quick, easy, and direct route to follow. Even information on public transportation and ridesharing is available.

The app connects with the Google search engine so you can type in “supermarkets” or “hospitals” and the app lists nearby results. Really, this app positively is a must.

2. Uber


No matter where you are, Uber can send a driver over to pick you up.

Even when you rent a car or rely on public transportation, the time may come when ridesharing makes the most sense either for speed or safety.

Uber also offers cheaper options such as Uber Pool or Express Pool.

3. AwardWallet


Everyone loves to save money when they travel. Reward points on credit cards, travel booking services, gasoline cards, and more all add up.

The points later can be redeemed for savings on merchandise or outright cashback credits. With AwardWallet, you don’t need to check each and every reward account to see the various tallies.

AwardWallet keeps all those tallies in one place for easy reviews.

4. TripAdvisor


Without a doubt, TripAdvisor remains an incredibly awesome online resource for anyone interested in traveling anywhere. Anything you want to know about a particular region is right there.

Whether planning a trip long in advance or looking for quick info on the spot, TripAdvisor helps. With the TripAdvisor app, you aren’t stuck pulling up the website anymore.

The streamlined app allows for accessing all you could want from the fantastic site.

5. Skype

Skype isn’t perceived as a travel app, but its value for travelers is immense. You don’t want to be out of the communications loop when crossing the country or the ocean.

Skype allows for easy and reliable instant messaging and voice chat. Create a phone number from any location in the world.

Pay a nominal fee and you can cover the costs of any outgoing calls to landlines or mobile phones.

6. ExpertFlyer


Booking flights shouldn’t be difficult nor should you pay a fortune for tickets. With ExpertFlyer, you can locate inexpensive tickets — or first-class ones — and do so without much hassle.

As with other helpful apps, this one saves you a lot of time by compartmentalizing things into one simple app.

Fishing around the internet in a flailing manner isn’t necessary when trying to book deals or upgrades on flights thanks to this app.