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10 Reasons Why Travelling In Your 30s Is Better Than Your 20s


Intended to be the decade of self-destruction before the real stuff starts, your twenties are somewhat of a practice run. With travelling a huge part of growth and understanding it is a common sight to see a variety of twenty somethings exploring the world with alcohol, romance and dirty hostels. But what about your thirties? As someone who has travelled both in their twenties and their thirties doing it later can be much more rewarding and here’s why.

Money Money Money

Now I’m not saying as soon as you turn thirty you get rich, far from it, but it’s likely you’ll have a bit more extra cash. No longer will you be sharing a bedroom with eight other people just as drunk, loud and smelly as you are. And no longer will you be playing Russian roulette with the suspicious street food that won’t agree with your insides.

Travelling Alone

In your twenties, you’d never dream of going out alone, in your thirties you are desperate for everyone to go away. Travelling solo gives you the opportunity to do what you want and when you want to.

Travelling Together

Don’t want to travel alone? In your thirties you have probably developed some real and genuine friendships. The kind of people who would be an asset rather than a hindrance when travelling along side you.


At twenty you somehow manage to bring an abundance of unnecessary and extraordinary items. At thirty you have mastered the art of packing and still have extra room for a spare pair of socks.


As you grow older your interests also become greater. Suddenly you have a new-found appreciation in an old dusty museum or an art gallery you wouldn’t have looked twice at in your twenties.

You Don’t Care

In your twenties, it seems all you care about are what other people think. However, in your thirties you no longer give a crap. All that precious time worrying about how people see you is now taken up by new and more exciting things such as travelling the world and meeting new people who don’t care either.

No pressure

Because you’ve given up caring you no longer feel the pressure to do certain things. Less pressure means going out and exploring the things you may have been too embarrassed or scared to have done before.

Less Partying

Life doesn’t stop as soon as you turn thirty but the partying may ease down a little. With a clear head and no hangover it makes travelling the next day easier to enjoy rather than wish you were wrapped up in bed hiding in a dark room.

You Are Not As Spontaneous

When travelling in your twenties you tend not to plan your adventures since you don’t really need to. When travelling in your thirties it’s likely you have a job to go back to therefore you make sure every second counts.

You Are Still Young

It may take a little longer to get up and you may feel your hangovers are getting a little worse but being thirty is by no means old. With more knowledge, common sense and wisdom to throw around, not to mention money, your thirties are like your twenties but with better opportunities and a better travelling budget.

Now go!